Gear list:

We are constantly buying gear and replacing gear and even giving some away! Needless to say if there is anything you need which we don't have we can easily acquire it from any number of places. Here's what we have right now...



Neumann TLM-103

Neumann U-87

AKG C-414

AEA Ribbon

AKG D-112

Shure SM57(s)

Shure SM 58(s)


Mic Pres:

Black Lion Audio x4

RME x 2

Presonus MP20 (2)

Millenia Media M-2B vacuum tube 

Millenia Media HV-3 discrete solid state


Outboard Gear:

Millenia Media NSEQ-2 (Mastering-Grade Parametric EQs) 

Millenia Media Three Opto Compressor/Limiters  (TCL vacuum tube, discrete solid state, passive)

Tascam 112 Cassette Deck

Tascam DA-30 Dat

Panasonic SV-3800 Dat

Alesis Adat x 3

TC-Electronics G-major 

Akai Cassette

Sony Reel to Reel


Instruments & Amps:

Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III Guitars (x2)

Yamaha Classical Guitar

Godin Multiac

Gibson J-45

Fender Jazz Bass

Ibanez 5 string Bass

Epiphone Mandolin

Gold Tone Banjo

Mesa Boogie Maverick

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Ampeg BA-108

Marshall MG



Computers, Software and Plug-ins:

 Mac Pro Tower

i-Macs x 2 (2015, 2020)

Dell Laptop

Logic, Live, Cubase, Reason

Native Instruments Complete

Waves (tons of stuff)

PSP (tons of stuff...our favourite company)

iZotope (most of their plugs)





Cinematic Strings

IK Multimedia







We have a ton of pug-ins (easily over 1000) and we are ALWAYS buying new plugs-ins.  Ask for it: we probably have it, or can get it right away.